What A Man’s Clothes Say To Women

men's clothesThroughout the years, men’s clothes have been about tradition. The classic tuxedo, for instance, has barely changed in decades. Since the first impression you give a women is your ensemble, it is critical that you put thought into what your style says about you. Even though men’s fashion is timeless, you should know how to dress to impress.


A button-up dress shirt with long sleeve is a safe choice if your goal is to look professional and mature. Women associate this type of shirt with the man who is in charge and refined. However, men who choose to wear a short-sleeve shirt send the message that they are casual, unprofessional, relaxed, and lower class. A woman knows that who wears a short-sleeve shirt is not going to a business event or his professional office; it is more likely he is heading to a movie or a friend’s home to relax. A shirt may insignificant, but a woman who is seeking a mate craves someone who exudes security and class.


The fashion world has not changed much for men’s apparel, but shoes have had their own journey. The most important aspect of choosing shoes is paying attention to the occasion. Dress shoes worn with jeans or sneakers worn with dress pants send the message that you do not concern yourself with looking appropriate. A coordinated outfit sends the message that you are mature, sophisticated, and confident.

Suits and Sports Jackets

If a woman sees you wearing a suit or a sports jacket, the first impression you give her is that you command authority. These additions to your outfit tell her that you need a suit to be at a powerful job or to attend a high-class and expensive event. A suit gives a mature and responsible impression to others, showing off your social class and status in the business world.

The Key Is Coordination

No matter which outfit you choose, the most important thing is to show that you put effort into your daily presentation. A woman relates your personality and maturity to the way you choose to express your personal style. If you choose a poorly fitting shirt with baggy pants, it is unlikely you will attract a woman who wants someone mature and stable in their life. Choosing a dress shirt with coordinated pants and a jacket shows that you are mature enough to handle anything she throws your way. Above all, the classiest accessory you can wear is confidence with any ensemble you choose.