Pansexuals And Asexuals: The Big Deal About Sexual Identity

sexual identityWith celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox in the spotlight, the door is open for discussion about sexual identity. Sexual identity is a part of an individual’s identity that reflects their sexual self-concept. Currently acceptable culture states that males and females are the only choices available for gender. However, people of all ages have concerns over their own identity. Maybe, the key to understanding the big deal about sexual identity is dependent upon understanding other sexualities. Helping others to feel safe transitions the world into becoming a cohesive community.

What is a Pansexual?

Pansexuality is a sexual, romantic, or emotional attraction toward people of any sex or gender identity. Individuals who identify with this grouping do not select a partner by their gender. Instead, pansexuals fall in love with a person’s characteristics, beauty, and other appealing qualities. This sexual subset sees gender and sex as a nonissue when it comes to selecting a partner. In fact, individuals who gravitate towards this sexual identity reject the idea of two genders at all and ignore the “importance” of specific sexual orientations.

What is an Asexual?

Individuals who associates themselves with asexuality are not sexually attracted to anyone and have a low or nonexistent interest in sexual activities. Asexuality is sometimes used as a term to categorize a large group of various sexual identities. There is some dispute about the validity of this sexual identity since it is defined by the lack of sexual desire.

As an asexual person, the celibacy and abstinence is sometimes due to personal or religious beliefs. In some cases, the individual will still participate in sexual intercourse for the purpose of procreation or intimacy with their partners. Asexual people are still able to receive pleasure from sex and similar activities but they generally do not engage except for particular instances.

Treating People Equally

Our society is in a state where the LGBT community is slowly becoming more widely accepted, getting the conversation started about gender equally and sexual identity. As a whole, people need to be sensitive to the way they approach others so individuals who identify with sexualities that are not mainstream feel safe enough to be their true selves. Multiple celebrities have come out as homosexual, pansexual, bisexual, and asexual to help create a movement with the goal of acceptance and encouragement. It is important to start within your own community to help ensure a safe future for all people.