The Best Cardio Workouts For Men

cardio workoutsMen tend to always be searching for new ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay as fit as possible. The problem for most men, however, is that it is not always about the actual workouts that you are performing but instead about performing those workouts on a consistent basis.

So, in effect, you need to find a workout that you actually enjoy doing so it can become a habit. For those men looking to achieve a fit look, let’s take a look at some of the best cardio workouts for doing so:

Interval Training

Interval training has become extremely popular in the fitness world because of its ability to efficiently burn calories. It works by switching back in forth between high and low intensity workouts.

While there are all kinds of different ways that interval training can be done, one of the best known ways is to work in 30, 60, and 90 second time frames. If you are interested in this type of cardio workout, be sure that you do your research to determine the best workouts for you.

Inclined Treadmill or Elliptical

If you really want to burn extra calories in less time, raising the incline on a treadmill or elliptical can really do the trick. Even a small amount of resistance can significantly increase the amount of calories that you burn, which makes for an extremely efficient workout.

You can also use the incline to combine with interval training, where you end up raising and lowering the incline every few minutes to conserve energy. Going with an incline for 5 minutes and then 2-3 minutes without it is a popular choice for a lot of men. Either way, this is definitely one of the best cardio workouts that you can do.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, the best cardio workouts for men are those in which you are able to consistently do. No workout is going to be effective unless it is done on a consistent basis; meaning self-discipline is paramount to actually achieving success with these workouts.

Find out which workout you enjoy the most and commit to doing it on a regular basis. At least 3-4 days a week is optimal, but even starting at 2 days a week is progress. If you can turn one of these workouts into a habit, there is no doubt that you will achieve the fit body that you are looking for.